About Us


The school was created for many different reasons. Our main goal is to build children's confidence and life skills through dance and performing arts.


Along the way we have noticed the struggles that come within the industry ‘MONEY’. Unfortunately for many people money has become an issue due to the recession. With all this in mind we as a school of dance felt that talent is important and everyone should be able to fulfill their dreams.

Our Mission Statement.

Driving young talent to fulfil their dreams within Dance and Performing Arts.

Our Vision.

We believe that all children deserve to have the same opportunities in life irrespective of their background or financial stability and we have a clear focus on assisting low income families.

We train our students to be versatile, professional, punctual and respectful and in doing so we are able to uncover natural hidden talents, promote self confidence, improve fitness and encourage mental and social development through enjoyable and engaging classes.