Terms & Conditions

Dance With Suki & Zorro Terms & Conditions

• When an application form is signed, the parents/guardians agree to abide by the regulations.

• Please notify us of absence.

• Please be punctual, good attendance is essential if a child is to make good progress. Once we are working on a project it causes problems if one member is missing.

• It is essential to inform the teacher as to who will be collecting your child from dance, or if they have permission to go home with friends or unaccompanied. We do NOT let children leave without knowing who they are leaving with.

• Our classes tend to be taught by the same teachers every week but in some circumstances such as illness, professional engagement and bereavement teachers are subject to change without notice.

• Usual school terms apply unless stated otherwise.

• PLEASE read the content of any literature sent home as this is the most effective way of communicating with parents/ guardians.

• Please ensure your child/ren wears loose clothing suitable for dancing, suitable shoes such as dance sneakers or normal trainers.

• All deposits and fees are non refundable and must be paid in advance where stated.

• Any cheques sent must be made payable to Dance With Suki And Zorro.

• Parents must insure that all children have bottled water or juice with them.