Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

• What should my child wear to your dance class? Your child should wear loose comfortable clothing, which they feel they can move around in e.g: Joggers, leggings, t- shirt.

• Do I have to pay a termly fee? Our classes are paid for weekly unless stated otherwise.

• What does my child need to bring with him/her? Just a bottle of drink.

• Do you do classes for my childs age? Our classes start from the age of 2years, just take a look at our timetable to see which classes we have in your local area.

• Can I stay and watch my child dance? We allow parents to stay in and watch for the first week then we advise all parents to leave the room while we teach as children tend to lose concentration when their family members are watching. We have a waiting room where parents can wait and chat to other parents.

• What will my child be working towards whilst being apart of your class? Your child will be working towards shows; also we are involved in a lot of community events and town performances.

• Have all your teachers been vetted? All our dance tutors have had an enhanced CRB check they have also been on many courses such as first aid, child protection and health and safety.